I was born in the ’80s in Moldova, a small country stuck between Ukraine and Romania (it took me a year to find it on the map! It wasn’t always on them). At the age of 15, my path (and my Mama) decided I should better be living, studying and working in Italy, so I could have more freedom (by the way, greatest decision ever!). Currently, I am a competent crew and full-time liveaboard Sailorette on SY Wake, and I share my life with my 2 spouses and 3 sailor cats. I speak 6 languages, which is the major reason for my constant blah – blah, but it’s also how I manage to meet some of the most gorgeous humans. What a fortune, since I am no big deal of a sailor, nor a philanthropist, nor much of many things. But I sure can chat your ear off! 

My favorite thing is to have a passion for what I do not know and meet people that can share with me some of their knowledge and world the way they experience it. 

I am curious—a real, made-in-the-USSR kid—and I keep on seeing the world like in the ’90s: it is all new and exciting!